Not sure where to start?

Find the statements below that sound the most like you.

“I’d like to get started, but I need to clean the house before starting any kind of big new thing.”

Awesome awesome author I have the privilege of working with: Kathi Lipp. Her books help when you think clutter might be playing a part in your feelings of overwhelm.

FlyLady: Learn how to tackle things one at a time, and get on with the YOU part of your day.

“I’m afraid if I say “no,” that person will be upset with me.”

Take the Boundaries quiz. And, just go ahead and get the book — to learn how to know your own mind.

“I’m scared of God. Scared of upsetting him, and always scared I’m doing the wrong thing.”

Please email me. I’ve been there.

“I just can’t shake that thing she said when I was hurting so deeply.”

This video on empathy by Brené Brown can help.

“I just poured out my heart to her, and she changed the subject. Wha-a?? Man, that hurts.” 

Again, this video.

“I’m dealing with a paralyzing loss and I can’t do anything right now.”

Join a GriefShare group near you: I lead a GriefShare group, and I can absolutely vouch for it being the perfect comfort, at the perfect time. Go ahead and get on their daily email list now.

“There are certain people in my life who I always seem to disappoint.”

Learn to identify supportive people who accept you just like you are, who let you be the person God created you to be . and learn who is safe, and who isn’t.

“I wish I’d make better eating choices, but I don’t like health food.”

Take the Clean Food Crush 30-day challenge. Rachel’s story is so heartfelt — plus, the photos she takes of her recipes just make veggies mouth-watering!

All of these resources have been instrumental in my journey, and I want to share them with you. Because I’ve found peace, and I want that for you, too.

I’m always looking for new, TRUSTED resources from like-minded moms. If you have a suggestion that has worked for you, I’d love to hear about it. Send me an email  with the name of the book, along with what hurt it soothed or need it filled in your life.