This is what Two Hour Mom looks like on other moms. Try it out…it’s fun:

I have a friend who is a nurse PRN. Not just any nurse – a helicopter nurse. When she gets a shift, she high-fives her husband on her way out the door, and she rides around in helicopters ministering to hurting people. Helping others, knowing herself, finding her identity, portfolio building, giving herself separate space = check. And lest you think she has an abundance of room in her schedule, did I mention that this super mom with the so-freakin-awesome job has four kids with another on the way?

Another friend of mine puts her two-year old down for a daily nap, opens up her laptop, and teaches 30+ kids Spanish. She records videos of herself, cheers students on with encouraging messages as she grades papers, and does lesson planning. And after that? She hops on a treadmill and runs for the rest of nap time. Because she knows herself and knows how fantastic she feels after exercising. She likes herself enough to do the hard work to make her best self happen. Resume building, excelling at her job, achieving goals, exercising, rewarding herself = check.

 I have a friend who loves challenging herself to complete goals. Always on the track team in school, she rekindles that joy by training for half marathons for months, and then runs those races. Where does she find the time? She rises before anyone in the house and gets her run on. Her recent self-challenge entailed 6 weeks of rising at 3:30 am to hit the gym. 3:30 am sounds insane to me, but it’s how this friend reaches her goals. She knows herself and loves herself well, by doing what it takes to lock in those accomplishments.

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