Discovering My Hidden Dream of a Lifetime

It’s hard sometimes to look up from the haze of Mommyhood and wonder where your dreams went.

Between pregnancy, sleepless nights, and figuring out this new landscape, parenting has thrown me off.

What started as a hushed blissful lull of gazing into my infant’s eyes and melting all day, a few years down the road turned into a mayhem concoction of temper tantrums, cabin fever, and children who don’t need me to be on call 24/7 — a general feeling of being stuck. Wondering what’s next.

And wondering what happened to the girl who was driven, eager to learn, and extremely goal-oriented.

Yep, I lost myself somewhere along the way.

Which was awesome in the lullaby years. But now, it was time to rediscover myself.

I’ve spoken before about writing my way to self-discovery, an online portfolio, and fulfillment, one project at a time, during nap-time. But recently something big, new, and awesome popped up on the horizon.

I met The 99’s.

My husband is a pilot, and we used to fly together — for dates, big life events, and just to head to the beach. But all that stopped around the time we started having children. For a lot of reasons.

So I was shocked a few months ago to realize there’s an all-women flying organization. One that comes with a scholarship to fund your flight training. And equally shocked to realize that I want to learn to fly — in a big way.

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