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Whether you’re tired of not using your degree, eager to start achieving measurable milestones again, or thirsting for your next adventure, this is the place to find yourself, outside of your identity as MOM.

Get your energy back. Have excitement when you wake up each morning. Uncover lost hobbies. Learn something new.

Be a professional with an income and an up-to-date portfolio. Set goals — and achieve them. Restore that feeling of success you lost somewhere along the way.

It’s a journey that starts here.

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Ready to Start Your Own Journey? Here's what's in it for you. A Two Hour Mom Is...


    Become a better you, gain freedom, and fly high. Reclaim more than your sanity – get back your sense of purpose.


    Try new things. Be adventuresome.
    Be courageous. And live.
    You’re not dead – you’re a Mom.


    Learn, grow, and accomplish – during motherhood.
    Get unstuck.
    Find your purpose again.


    Put the dirty dishes aside. Forget the floors that need to be vacuumed. No talking about kids allowed. For two hours, the focus is only on you.

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